Ask @Pikachu95_:

Hey beautiful TBH, we are strangers and idk you at all! But you are soo damn gorgeous! ❤You seem to have an amazing personality! You have amazing hair! ♥ Maybe we should talk more often and meet ?Anyway, stay the sameee ?❤ Much love ❤

Untick Love , thanks tho but I can't stay same i evolve or die type person ???

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Hey cutie . So tell me guys with roses+chocolates+car or guys with sweet+loving+poor. What is ur preference...?

As long he can get me food 24/7, cuddles me, hear my random talks about world economics, politics and finance, science, global warming stuff I don't care,
~because baby i can make bad boy good for a weekend~ ??

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He dating someone else

Yeah so.... I love him, he loves me!!! But not in that way like everyone is putting on us from school, We are best friend gone through alot together, he had my back even in stuff I didn't tell him! But scums like you won't know what is * best friend love * always love him and BTW i already know before he even put up her picture on snapchat ?
~ I hope i disturbed your sleep ~

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