Are you enjoying story of seasons? :D I'm wanting to pick it up and I was wondering if it was worth it?

Honestly? Not really. Most of my original opinions (which are in here somewhere) still stand. The game features forced extension with ridiculous unlocking requirements to "encourage" longer playing, but it takes a game that I feel is generally something more relaxing to force you to play certain ways to get anywhere. Everything feels very slow and it's just not that fun to me. I also don't care for any of the bachelors much this time around so :( I also feel multiplayer was ruined in this game (and it is region locked).
Regardless, my opinion seems to be in the minority so I'd recommend looking up other thoughts too. Other than the customization options (Both with your character and the interior/exterior stuff for your farm/house) and shorter tutorial, I find myself disappointed in nearly everything else.