...you don't like gardening features??

I kind of hate them. When I play Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games, you may have noticed I have *very* few plants. I've always preferred focusing on animals. I'm not sure what it is, but it's too monotonous for me and literally kills games for me. It's just too boring.
I've always had the same issues with Animal Crossing. Before the Beautiful Ordinance existed, my flowers constantly died. I'd keep one of each kind in storage, but I could never keep up with it, even when I had very small flower displays (Like we're talking 20-30 flowers tops that I cared about having in certain places).
I don't know if it stems from my general allergies to flowers or what, but I just can never get into them no matter what the game and the more convoluted or frustrating it is to do what I want to (In this case, the randomness of the breeding, losing flowers for it, and needing about 140 of each flower to get all the items plus there being events tied to it in the future), the more it just really gets to me and I don't have any fun with it.

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