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Why do I get the feeling that you would love being in Canada, where Christmas hype starts immediately after Halloween if not sooner? (Also, Santa lives here and you can send him mail, which I'm pretty sure he replies to, but you probably knew that already.)

I'm disappointed I don't live in Canada now. (AND I DIDN'T KNOW THAT SOMEONE MAIL SANTA FOR ME.)

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Ummmmmmm I tried going to your site just now and got redirected to this really weird virusy page. Are you having problems with your host? Just thought I'd let you know. Have a great day though! :D

The issue was fixed as far as I can tell :/ It seems there is still an issue if you don't put "www" in front--not sure why. I'll look into it again.

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I don't know if this has been asked and/or posted before, but due to you being asked on your opinions on the DRV3 cast, I'm curious. What are your opinions on DR2's cast?

Honestly, I like quite a lot of them which surprised me a lot. Like many of them grew on me.
Teruteru often grossed me out, but I still felt he meant well. I'm also not a super huge fan of Nagito (because I think he's a crazy), but there's times where I like him too. Soda is another one that went back and forth for me. I think minus his obsession with Sonia, he wasn't too bad.
I would say if I had to pick my least favorite, it would be Hiyoko. I get most of her character and that isn't really where my issues were--but where she was squishing ants because she liked the sound and that just made me super iffy about her and she's never fully won me over.
I also don't care much for Mahiru who I just found iffy 98% of the time (in a similar sense to Tenko) and the times where I disliked her outweighted the few times I didn't. She just felt unnecessarily rude at times.
Favorite characters would be Sonia and Chiaki. I also really like Fuyuhiko. Hajime also grew a lot on me after the Anime (though, Chiaki I feel they put too much on in the Anime which is a shame).
Honestly, with the exception of Mahiru and Hiyoko, the first part of Despair really got me to like most of the characters. I had a lot of fun with the Danganronpa 2 cast.
Also I adore Usami so it made me sad that pretty much all of them hated her :(

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are you aware that there is another town called Pink Sea with the weird a with a mayor named Kylie, but characters name Emi, Seamstry, and Sir, similar paths, and a lot of the same villagers?

It's not the first time it's happened. I'm upset it's happened again. And this is part of what makes me don't want to play anymore.

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