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Why don't you like Ash and Serena? Is it because you like Ash and Misty?

That isn't the reason why. I'd honestly pick Ash to be with any character over Serena. Serena is just a very... boring character to me. She has had a few development episodes, but overall feels kind of a blank slate (which, considering she came in the first region that let you customize characters a bit doesn't surprise me--I feel like she suffers a lot from that), but a lot of it is from a more meta thing where I just feel the writers were really lazy with her.
Her introduction was awful, linking her to a past thing with Ash is not only overly cliche, but actually takes away from Ash's own character development over the series, and it's just... disappointing. And even a little creepy the idea of her recognizing him (and remembering him that much when he obviously had no idea who she was) and then going around carrying this thing and just the whole thing involving them is kind of unsettling to me?
Also, some of her lines just come off as very insulting to past female characters as well to me. I can understand her finally confessing, but I'd be very surprised (and almost find it uncharacteristic) if Ash felt it mutually. His interactions with her felt no different than interactions with other characters (with the small exception that Serena has a crush on him) and in general, I don't feel they've gotten enough development to actually push that envelope and make it not feel cheap or lazy (though, again, with how Serena has been written, more laziness wouldn't be that surprising). Misty's relationship with Ash (and the idea of them having feelings--while Misty's was very likely/practically confirmed, Ash did show possibilities of feeling the same way--though, it'd still have been a long time I think for him to recognize exactly what those feelings were) was definitely much more developed in that kind of wave, but to be honest, good overarching character development outside of occasional episodes ended when they started Hoenn IMO. :/

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What would you most like to do if money were no object?

Have our own house, pay off friends' and family's bills (and ours too), travel the world and learn various languages and things about different cultures, give enough money to various places to help them find cures for diseases, etc.
Just everything to make life better for people I care about & the world.

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I don't know if this has been asked and/or posted before, but due to you being asked on your opinions on the DRV3 cast, I'm curious. What are your opinions on DR2's cast?

SoaringSprocket’s Profile PhotoSoaringSprocket
Honestly, I like quite a lot of them which surprised me a lot. Like many of them grew on me.
Teruteru often grossed me out, but I still felt he meant well. I'm also not a super huge fan of Nagito (because I think he's a crazy), but there's times where I like him too. Soda is another one that went back and forth for me. I think minus his obsession with Sonia, he wasn't too bad.
I would say if I had to pick my least favorite, it would be Hiyoko. I get most of her character and that isn't really where my issues were--but where she was squishing ants because she liked the sound and that just made me super iffy about her and she's never fully won me over.
I also don't care much for Mahiru who I just found iffy 98% of the time (in a similar sense to Tenko) and the times where I disliked her outweighted the few times I didn't. She just felt unnecessarily rude at times.
Favorite characters would be Sonia and Chiaki. I also really like Fuyuhiko. Hajime also grew a lot on me after the Anime (though, Chiaki I feel they put too much on in the Anime which is a shame).
Honestly, with the exception of Mahiru and Hiyoko, the first part of Despair really got me to like most of the characters. I had a lot of fun with the Danganronpa 2 cast.
Also I adore Usami so it made me sad that pretty much all of them hated her :(

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I like Homestuck~ Jade is my favorite character. I have... way too many ships honestly, but I ship Jade with both Dave and Karkat. I also like Feferi x Karkat. And I like John x Roxy, John x Rose, and John x Vriska. Also Rose x Kanaya. And I'm just going to stop there before this gets ridiculously long.

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Miitopia question: Do you like making your Miis wear the clothes and weapon that is their current highest, or would you prefer to change clothing and weapon appearance to your liking (which doesn't affect stats)?

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I usually do the latter. I love that Miitopia actually lets you change stuff appearance-wise and still keep the higher stats. Wish other Nintendo games did that.

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Do you love btr and who is your favorite character and what is your favorite episode and what is your favorite song

It's one of the few bands I really like at the least (While I like a lot of music, I don't usually pay much attention to the band/singers since I often just like a few songs over everything) and I really adored the show, my favorite character is Kendall, though I liked everyone, I don't really have a favorite episode. and my favorite song is a tie between Shot in the Dark, The City is Ours, I Know You Know, and It is what it is.

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What is something you wouldn't mind seeing gone from Pokemon that other people probably would?

IVs, EVs, and Shinies.
IVs and EVs because I think they're stupid and I find it dumb all Pokemon can't have an opportunity to be as good as others based on all this extra junk. If I train my Pokemon to level 100 to be the best and want to go on a journey with it and the rest of my team, I shouldn't be told at IV/EV obsessed parts of a game (such as the Battle Frontier-like areas) that the team I've had the entire journey will never be good enough.
Shiny hunting is boring, most people just use them to be Elitist, and most of the colors are awful anyway. There are very few shinies I like more than the original and I'd rather just see form changes for them versus these low rarity things you can maybe see/hunt for.
Bonus: Megas if they became form changes or new evolutions instead. The Mega evolution thing is just so stupid and poorly put together and they would just be so much nicer as new forms or evolutions for some with the Mega Stones just being a stat power-up thing that can be used in battle.

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So, what are you favourite appetizers? I'm curious now :P

I honestly love all passed around little appetizers. If I go to an event and there are people passing around these cute little hors d'oeuvre, I am in my glory. As for like... full-sized normal appetizers, my top favorites tend to be fried calamari, quesadillas, crab cakes, and mozzarella sticks. Also cheese & charcuterie plates. Depending on the place, other favorites can be a Spinach & Artichoke Dip, some kind of onion related (Onion Rings or like the Blooming Onion at the outback) thing, and cheese fries.

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