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What's changed about you that you like?

That I've become more social and I've become more calloused to negative things that used to bother me

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I think it's interesting you miss something about them all. Just because most people don't

I miss the energy and charisma Sarah had, the playfulness of Alli, and the truthfulness that Emily had

If you are Smashing through the boundaries and lunacy has found you....what can you not stop?

As long as one is genuinely happy, lunacy and boundaries mean nothing

Would you rather lose your little finger on your right hand or be forced to listen to ONLY Bullet for my Valentine for 3 months? And don't say "I don't know" if you don't know them go to a YouTube search.

As much as I hate that band, I would probably have to go with listening to them for 3 months

Who is your favorite band besides Pink Floyd?

That's a tough one, probably either iron maiden or Metallica

Would you ever consider to stop smoking?

Defiantly, it's something I do to relieve stress, so I only smoke once or twice a day. It's something I could easily quit

You're the best ben:) I love your good attitude and humor toward everything in life!

Thanks! :) I wish I knew who this was though!

You're a complete dumb ass for smoking and are only doing it for the attention.

Yep, just like you are by asking dumb questions


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