which Console commands are available and how do i use them?

A lot of them are just for debugging and development, but some of the more useful ones are:

"quit" - Closes the game immediately. Same functionality as hitting the X on the window.
"clear" - Clears the console.
"set" - Sets configurable variables. Same functionality as editing the game's Config.ini except without having to restart the game. Format is "set variable value" or "set section variable value" for variables in a config section. E.g., "set audio musicvolume 0.4".
"reset" - Resets a configurable variable to its default value. Format is "reset variable" or "reset section variable" as above.
"show" - Displays the current value of a configurable variable. Format is "show variable" or "show section variable."
"listconfig" - Displays all configurable variables in a particular section. Format is "listconfig section."
"listconfigsections" - Displays all sections of configurable variables.
"listconfigdeltas" - Displays configurable variables that differ from the default value.
"setres" - Changes the window size or display resolution depending on whether the game is running windowed or fullscreen. Format is "setres widthxheight," e.g., "setres 1280x720."
"dumpstrings" - Exports the string table to a folder for translation. I've documented this process here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/310700/discussions/0/613937306626569922/
"dumpcontent" - Exports all game assets to a folder.
"slomo" - Adjusts time dilation, e.g. "slomo 0.5" to play at 50% speed.
"platformtests" - Displays information relevant to the current platform, including the path for storing local user game data (saves, config files, etc.).

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