After Gunmetal, will you stray from the retro-style of your past 3 games? (I've loved them, just curios about game-next)

Yeah, I hope so. I have an idea for another retro pixel art action-platformer that I'm pretty excited about, but it's probably a little too close to Gunmetal Arcadia to be an immediate follow-up, and I'd really like to get back to 3D stuff at some point.
Right now, the top contender for my next game after both Gunmetals Arcadia is something I've been calling "Project Cadenza" as a working title. It's sort of an amalgamation of a variety of ideas I've had over the last decade or so and could take a number of forms, but it will probably have some elements of science fiction, exploration, and learnable sets of systems that are obscured or abstracted from immediate view. It might also be the first Minor Key Game that David and I collaborate on, depending on what our schedules look like as we're landing Gunmetal Arcadia and Slayer Shock.

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