What kind of stuff did you do at gearbox and what made you decide to leave and make games on your own?


Back when I was first hired at Gearbox, they were mostly interested in generalist programmers, so I never technically had a specific role or title beyond "Programmer," but the majority of my tasks tended to be in the gameplay and UI spaces. On the Borderlands games, I did some work on weapons, vehicles, HUD, status menus, and...too many other things to name, honestly.

During my time at Gearbox, I was also working on some indie/hobby stuff on the side (notably You Have to Win the Game). At some point, that work began to turn into my primary interest, and this coincided with being financial stable enough to take on the risk of starting my own company and make that my full-time job. My brother David was in a similar position with his role at 2K Marin, so we both left our jobs around the same time and formed Minor Key Games.

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About J. Kyle Pittman:

That guy who made 'You Have to Win the Game.' Co-founded @MinorKeyGames. Making @GunmetalArcadia. Ex-Borderlands 2. Tweets about games, coding, cats, beer, etc.

Frisco, TX