In You Have to Win the Game did you know about the "spike jump" during development, which is the ability to stand on the edge of a spike? And if not, how were you supposed to clear the "Nope nope nope" screen in extra spicy?

I knew it would be possible as far back as when I implemented collision because the surfaces of deadly tiles like spikes and lava are retracted two pixels from the tile boundary. But it wasn't until I saw some videos of players exploiting this to jump back up the "Abstract Bridge" / "Which Way Will I Go?" rooms that I thought about using it purposefully. The idea of a harder remixed campaign was something I had tossed around prior to launch, and when I finally began working on the Extra Spicy mode, it felt like a good opportunity to add some intentional spike jumps. So yes, that is the intended way to clear "Nope Nope Nope."

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