Ask @PixelP:

Does anyone know how to ask out a girl? I’m shy so I need help

Jaedon Marlin
Well I'm a girl. So I would say just be flat out honest about how u feel threw anything and don't keep on sending ur friends over 2 talk 2 the girl 4 u bc girls hate that bc they want u 2 be the 1 to do it yourself. But that all depends on how long you've known her. If u just met her then try 2 start off simple by saying hi 2 her until u start 2 feel more comfortable talking 2 her then u can try 2 find what y'all 2 have in common bc u have 2 try 2 c what type of person she is first be4 u try 2 rush into things. Also, let her mostly do the talking bc that will show how much u really care about her. After that then u guys can move on and ask each other 4 each others phone #. But if u and the girl have known each other 4 a pretty long time then go 4 it. And if she doesn't feel the same way then that's her loss bc there r plenty of other fishes in the c and ik that 1 day u would find the right girl that is perfect 4 u and don't let anyone put u down and tell u that ur not bc u r. U just gotta believe in yourself

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