Ask @PixelP:

What personality traits do you want in a potential relationship partner ?

Kaiden McKenzie
I want them 2 be straight up honest with me all the time, I want them 2 always shower me with love and affection bc 2 me that really truly shows me that u really like me/love me and really truly wanna be with me. I don't want them 2 ever play me like tell me that they like me/love me and tell me that they want me but then they're off doing other things like flirting with another person or maybe just telling ppl that u like someone and then they tell u that they don't have feelings 4 u anymore but then they still go ahead and flirt with u and then u find out that that person had been doing those things. Like hell no I don't ever wanna be played or feel like that I'm being played by someone. Like tf hell no. Like I want a type of person who would also be there 4 me during my ups and downs to always help me out and be very supportive of him through anything

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