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This app has so many issues with it, glitches, redirecting me p**n ads on Safari, people on my friends list disappeared, my coins went missing, posts getting deleted for no reason. Should we really trust that AskFM is not selling our data?

This app has been broken for years, they tried revive it with VIP+ but never worked now people are basically getting subscription for free. Subscribers pay for the same feature VIP+ gets free

When you buy a game you own the license to play it with regulations. Theres some mods we actually own because we purchased the rights to the model, Rockstar does not own any assets from Sims 4. Learn what modding is because clearly you don't understand the process of converting models to GTA 5

The broken English is to much thats why it doesn't get through

Ladies, would you date a guy who wasn't good looking but not necessarily ugly?

I like anyone who is going to treat me nice

What is the most interesting invention?

Lisa drove her car really hard and i had to keep up so i know where to go, Lamborghini will wonder why her car is broken
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What happens if a human looks at your eyes

You can't unless i have my glasses off which they're never off in public, and i had my windows tinted at my house so people can't look in but i can see out 😍

Why are you so full of h.ate towards the middle east

As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.

Whats that sound in the background

My fish tank i got a fish tank in my office which is where i spend my nights because my office is across the hall from my bedroom


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