Ask @PlasticDolls:

Quick thoughts on the people on your friend list

Bioactivebrook - day 1 m8
kxitlin - purge buddy woop
blvejuiciee - she is nice
lateris - such a good helpful friend
lexinq - purge buddy woop
intriculant - good friend
inconcise - he is nice
cow647 - idk why but i trust him the most, good roblox friend
buildingbrandon - good friend
mchani - classique squad aaaa
iikawaiifrog - BAJANBRITANIAN
PaperFlame - Ty for looking after Classique
Gucciful - very pretty
beautiquefulflip - very good group owner/rolemodel
blurbaby - lively but a good friend
sara99985 - classique squad aaa
whatabook - hentai obsessed oh lord
oxmiaxo - awesome owner
Relaix - i used to shoot you at rome loads
heiljosh - stalker ;)
originalfake - old friend but nice
sasayaki - day 1 lol
maddiebaee or w/e - very nice and sweet
NeonDolphin27 - she introduced me to the fashion community, THANK her if you like Kaonashi or liked Classsique
R4YIV - err a good director
bumblebee561 - nice taste in car colours
mw3andepicface - all we do is rant man...
luisestrada - mafia / mob obsessed
SammyGenovese - Buff
giovannivici - we used to have eachother, now we are cool B)
caitlinbae - omg arkham buddy, harley and ivy buddy aaaa shes awesome and her game is too ALSO not forgetting #CLASSIQUESQUAD

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It seems like you don't quite know the meaning of "dilligent"

I used the term diligent to describe our models, myself and our high ranks to point out we are all trying hard to make Kaonashi the best it possibly can be. Please if you have another invalid point to state come of anon and say it. However considering my academic circumstances I in fact do know what diligent means and when and how to use it. You on the other hand...

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