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Do you support the opposition of the left wing, neo-communo-fascist-nazi party in Garzelburg, Kriegtieschmitt, Germany?

is this some kind of poor attempt for making me look silly or for making you look smart

Who is your most attractive friend?

that's totally hinata-chan!!! lol just kidding im not actually this nerd

did you know that a maraschino cherry factory owner killed himself because his weed farm got busted?

haha what a n00b. He just had to tell them "officer, it's for my cat!!" and problem solved

Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?

definetly poor and happy. I also agree that famous is kinda the equivalent of sad.

What is your favorite magazine?

i don't really read magazines unless they have some interesting note, and they often are just dumb celebrities giant notes about how their life is perfect and full of seazures.


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