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What is a saying you say a lot?

"leave me alone" and "ouch" I just randomly say ouch when nothing even hurt me.

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What do you prefer: walking or riding a bike?

Walking or riding a bike? Haha. Ummm ima have to go with neither. But if I MUST choose I would pick walking.

If u had to choose between love, luck, or money for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

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I would say love.. I always wanted that perfect type of romance life, I don't need to be rich or even wealthy as long as I live comfortably.. And luck? Well we all get lucky sometimes.

what are you unwilling to go though life without?

#1 My faith in God no matter what I go through; and #2 my awesome boyfriend Mani who has been my rock and my heart; I couldn't imagine EVER not having him.. we can be friends or in a relationship as long as I know he's alright.
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are you pregnant?

Interesting question.. now I am going to be thinking about who this is all day.. But nooo I'm not.

How can you be happy without money?

Ummm easily, to me as long as you have God you'll be alright. I don't depend on money for anything. Either I have it or I don't.. No biggie. If your not happy without money then you're not truly happy with it,

Do you prefer day or night?

Night.. When things are quiet and peaceful and I can sit and think and reflect on my day! Night time is my high <3

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