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I don't even want you anymore so idk why I'm bothering I honestly hate you but also honestly am still in love with you. Yet you don't care about my feelings, so ill just move on with my life eventually. Please never come back around me, you made your bed so lay in it

You still bothering 🙄🙄 just move on

How is it two people can like each other but it doesn’t work out

It’s probably cause they don’t want to affect other people

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Is it true that you can't be friends with the opposite sex because then you will start liking eachother?

That’s a lié, I have a best guy friend for more than 10 years never had feelings for him other than friendship love ❤️

Would you take back a friend who chose their boyfriend/girlfriend over you?

Ofc we all been there

When people break up they usually blame it all on their ex. Have you ever broken up accepting you were the one who did wrong?

Alway got cheated on & was the one who broke the relationship so yes I take my blame for leaving him but his fault for doing me wrong cause other wise I would still be there

I want to apologize but i don't know where to start

From the beginning I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️


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