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my best friend just found out that she has dyslexia and i really want to help but i am afraid that she will feel like i pity her so can u please give me some tips on how to help her without making her feel like that thanks for listening

I just saw this, sorry.
Explain to her that you want her to get over her problem because you love her and you're her best friend. Find something that she's better at than you, and arrange study sessions - she can help you with the subject that you're not good at, and you can help her with her dyslexia.

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Why is Nadja's name first when listing the tippers when Mimiie and Nicole made the account?

The order of the names has been there ever since the day I was accepted into the account, and Mimiie put my name first, I honestly couldn't care less if my name was first, third or last because the order doesn't matter - we are all a part of the account equally.

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I mean outfits when you are going to be studying all day and you want to stay comfy and warm, but yet still cute enough to go out like shopping and errands. I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

Sure! I'm on it.
I'm sorry for not making a lot of tips, I'm just REALLY busy with school. But that will change soon, please be patient everyone. :)

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I would like to be home schooled because I physically can't go, I break down and have panic attacks every morning and I can't concentrate on anything.

Hi, this is Ashleigh. I used to be this way as well, when I was in tenth grade. I'm a senior now, and I still get pretty bad anxiety. Try talking to your parents about being home-schooled. A friend of mine was home-schooled, and I talked to him and his father about how I could get home-schooled. They helped me out a lot, even though I ultimately decided to not be home-schooled. Try finding an extracurricular activity that you'd enjoy, if you can. For me, it's band. I couldn't bear to leave my band family if I was home-schooled. I love them all so, so much, it'd make me so sad to leave them. I love being a part of it, I love playing, I just love all of it. So try to find an activity or club that you can join that might make school more enjoyable. If not, though, try talking to your parents or doing some research on how to get home-schooled.

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