Ask @Pooh7293:

What is a video that everyone should watch on YouTube? Post the link!

(scroll past this if you want)
-’s Video 136179100344 bqIxCtEveG8Pooh7293’s Video 136179100344 bqIxCtEveG8
^^ it's just a good song
-’s Video 136179100344 8TbWgwBz2EIPooh7293’s Video 136179100344 8TbWgwBz2EI
^^ if youre into photography, just for fun
-’s Video 136179100344 Xi3aEGo8y-EPooh7293’s Video 136179100344 Xi3aEGo8y-E
^^ because this song is so funny yet true
(sorry these are all really random videos, that no one has to see- i dont even have active followers anymore, hahah- i dont know how im still getting questions asked tho)

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What are 3 things u absolutely cannot stand?

I wouldn't I can't absolutely stand it
but 3 of my pet peeves include:
1. When people do that thing where they shake their leg
2. When someone purposely acts dumb,,
3. People who are rude, and have bad manners ( for ex, not treating your parents with respect)
but thats just me,, haha..

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I dare u to paste whatever is pasted here😂

Poem - Lost Soul
Lost and Broken
Insecure and Flawed
I feel the end of my lips curl up
although on the inside,
I feel already dead
I don’t know what to think or how to feel
Am I just a puppet with emotions?
Hopelessly, I live in the corner,
hidden and pushed into the shadows
forced to live a life that’s hidden
I’m not seen nor heard
I do not live, but I simply just exist
My presence is insignificant
Just a soul in a body
A lame excuse for a human being
Tears pour out of my swollen eyes
one by one, drip by drip
The ground underneath me
slowly turned from grey to black
“I’m good enough,” I tell myself
But I choke on the lies that I try to say
Deep down, no matter how much I may wish
I’ll forever be lost,
not being good enough
forever lost and not worth it.
I feel the fire inside of me dimming
Every word like wind trying to blow me out
Slowly, it’s burning down, soon to be gone
The fire is dimming, as well as my smile
Numbed and Cracked
I laugh, but I feel nothing at all
I love you I say
But those three words so sweet, hurt me.
Those eight letters I used to hear so often
now lost in meaning
Bringing back painful memories,
of laughing and smiling that I will never see again
I am just a human being
unworthy of living
but I exist in this cruel world
My scars and imperfections
are apart of who I am
and I must accept that
but I can't.
‘Cause in the end,
I am just a lost soul with nowhere to go.
(idk what you exactly meant, but this is what was on my copy and paste thingy- haha)

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