You have single handily set the OCE LoL scene back two years essentially undoing everything Riot has done to help make people take the region seriously. Thanks fuckhead

I'm really sorry I have ruined the entire infrastructure of oceanic esports with minute and a half highlight videos.
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I'd just like to say keep doing you, you've been around since the beginning and although your content can vary in quality you'll always release something truly outstanding and hilarious every once in awhile. Don't give up pal

hey this was sweet as heck ty

Will you ever stream again? I miss the feeling of euphoria only a naked Australian man dunking a fedora can provide.

doubtful but never say never

what happend to the vid of the boy with the fedora that was dancing to get a girl

The company that made it flagged it, I fought the law and won. It's back fam

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