Ask @Popebutta:

sex tips? please answer properly, not as a joke

1- always unleash your signature mating call before copulation, prime examples are of course "HORK HORK" Or perhaps one of my personal favorites "WHERG WHERG"
2 - If it's getting out of hand don't be afraid to assert a little physical dominance, whether it be a perfectly executed atomic slam chokehold, or just a simple cobra clutch takedown
3 - bitches LOVE facepaint, the stupider the better
4 - music is a no go unless composed and orchestrated by yourself using a kazoo
5 - if you can't play the kazoo, you're fucked, proceed to step 6
6 - just learn the kazoo srs, just do it, and If you can't? step 7
7 - you're fucked

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