Ask @Potion_15:

Why does the forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest?

Because it's off limits to you... It's more enticing when you want it but you can't have it...

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Would you consider yourself a loyal friend? How do you earn people's loyalty?

By Being True And Blue I'm Real And Honest I Don't Have To Do Much To Earn Trust When You Already Know What Loyalty Is....Which Is More Than Just A Tattoo. People Go Around Saying That They Are Loyal All The Time... Think About It If They Have To Keep Saying It Are They Really Loyal As They Claim....

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Hey I just loved your answers! Hilarious. :) Is there any way we can be friends? Like do you have iMessage so that we can chat by exchanging our emails? :3 I don't want your number lol

no i don't have i anything lol but if you have a gmail

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