Ask @PrashantSingh349:

being unique has its own disadvantages #koi_to_sathi_chahiye 🐼🐼

It's a advantage bruh. Trust me
Sometime you don't have anyone to talk but don't think it as your weekness or bad time, just tryna understand what's going through and how can you mae that moments perfect.
That might help you to build a better you. 😉💐

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Advice on love

So many people today just throw around the word "love".
It's such a shame because,they don't realise how much it's affects people.
Just because someone told you that they loved you and didn't mean it, doesn't mean that love doesn't exist.
Just because you believe them and it wasn't true doesn't mean that you shouldn't believe in love.
Love didn't hurt you, someone who doesn't know to love hurt you .
Don't confuse the two.

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What would u do when you cant sleep because you cannot stop having random thoughts in ur head?

Well, according to me not feeling sleepy is quite interesting, you got enough of time and energy to think about yourself and the situation and the techniques about solving it. Also, you can think something creative about your work or can try to make someone happy.
#spreadlove #spreadpeace👍

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What are your favorite subjects to talk about?

Life. Its being a misconceptions by peeps and accepting the wrong definition of life and love.
And truly the wrong definition accepted by the people today is leading to insult the value of life and love. So knowing what actually is life and love is quite important.

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