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/. I cannot explain to you how perfect this quote is for them. I was struggling so hard to pick one for them and I absolutely love it.

Piper Mykonos
/; I thought the quote fit them really well, considering how they both are. They both are so alike in personality, that they simply just would work. Because neither of them would have to act to be something they weren't :')

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Any specific plot or post you’re excited about?

/; I owe responses to so many people, but I'm looking forward to continuing with Dylan, Piper, Mateo, Elsa, and of course Cayden. So pretty much everyone I have a storyline going on with now :')
However I have a few Solo's I'm working on to give a bit of insight on what goes on in Ivy's head, as well as her thought process when she found out she was pregnant and when she lost the baby, and I'm really excited for those as well.

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