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Where did you find all of your profile pics?

I'll be honest and say..I'm not sure if I can post that on Ask since their content is 'adult' in nature. So, might be best to ask me directly using the links at the top of my profile. I'll be happy to tell you that way. However, I will say that I use all the typical sites people generally use for finding pics.

What hairstyle looks best on girls?

Now that's an interesting question. I happen to like my short hair style a lot, and I think it looks good on some girls; however, I think if I truly had to pick one, for other girls, it would have to be longer hair just because it's so much fun to tug on. <3

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Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?

I like spicy food a lot, but my top preferences is bacon, pastrami, pizza, sushi, and doughnuts..in that order.

What would you say is your greatest ambition?

Interesting one. Got more than a few..more power being very high on that list and always will be, but for now I think my greatest ambition is to create the 'perfect' harem that can satisfy every single depraved desire I have.

Would you ever do something with a girl like me?

EmmaGWatson’s Profile PhotoEmma Watson
I would do many things with a girl like you...that I don't think I am able to say on here. But,to answer the question..Yes. :D

I've got to say for your cum taste response, you should go with chocolate. A damn lot of people don't like bacon.

Well, it's true there are some people out there who don't like the yummy salty, smokey, taste of bacon. *Sighs* However, the same can be said for chocolate unfortunately. Plus, chocolate is a bit to common for this girl.

HM! have you ever forced someone down on they're knee's and made them sniff a drug off your cock, like a long line of cocaine or any other substances for that matter?

lol, well I do love having people down on their knees..forced or otherwise. However, to answer the question I have to say no. Only because of 'sniffing' instead of 'licking'. *Stops going into detail to let one's imagination wonder.* For me, drugs don't come up that often. Not that I'm against such things, (IC) but it's just one of those things that I simply don't come across that often. However, I am now going to add that to my very small list of 'new' things to do in the future. <3

How would you train a feminine boy's butt after "rescuing" him from the streets? Would you have him call you a specific name? Have him greet in a proper way in public and in private? How would you make sure everyone knew he was yours?

Wow, complex question. Hmm, suppose I would start with toys before 'properly training' him at least twice a day. Probably have him call me Mistress right from the start. Greetings..in public..doing a curtsy and using a lot of polite Ma'ams. Private, spending a lot of time on his knees. Greeting or otherwise, and think a nice collar will let everyone know where he belongs. Especially when there is a leash attached to it.

What's your ideal harem sugah?

Ooo, now that's a good question. It's also a very difficult question due to my various tastes. I suppose that my ideal harem will have a wide verity of 'girls'. This includes looks and personalities. That way there will always be at least one person to satisfy any desire or kink I might have at any given time. However, no matter what, there will certainly be a couple very top heavy girls for sure.

Would you have sex on a bed made of bacon?. Imagine bacon everywhere, bacon flavored everything.

Yep. Plenty of lube everywhere and you always got a nice snack in-between sessions.

What kind of femboy's are you into?

The very femmy/girly, types with a plump ass. The type that can take a lot of abuse..physically/verbally/mentally, and the type that 'need' to be fucked often.

If your cum could taste like anything you wanted, what flavor would it be?.

Wow, so many hard questions lately. :P Hmm, honestly I am torn between really rich, smooth, milk chocolate, or bacon...expensive, 'real', bacon.

Has our lovely Princess decided on what she'll wear for Hallow's eve?

Not yet, but rest assured that it will be something sexy and somewhat slutty. <3

How 'Big' is your perfect girl? Both height, and proportion wise?

SyntheticaX0’s Profile PhotoSyntheticaX0
Now that is a tough, tough, question since my tastes change all the time, but hmm..let's see...if we are going with my perfect 'big' girl, then hmm..no more than 2 feet taller than I am which will be about 7'11" or so. Huge chest, F or larger. Big jiggly ass, and wide birthing hips. Member size..I like them really big or really small so, either works. Weight..now that's tough, depends on if the girl is toned, or chubby, since I like both and at that 'size' it's hard to determine weight proportions.

What was the darkest RP you've had?

All depends on what you consider 'dark' to be. However, I will admit to doing a lot of different things that many people consider 'evil' and 'cruel'. I have a very strong sadistic streak that loves to include physical, mental, and emotional 'suffering' in RPs

If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?

It would look like something I couldn't post on here. :3

You have your body type listed as curvy, but you appear muscular/fit in most of your pictures. What is your preferred body type you like to play?

Well sadly you can't pick both and she certainly has some curves. <3 Anyway, as for my preferred body type...it honestly depends on mood. I like everything from very ripped to chubby girls. Though, to pick a 'type' I will have to go with the very busty body type. :P

You see a feminine figure dress in a small skirt that barely covers their bottom, flashing innocent white panties, knee high white stocking and white blouse with blonde hair done in a pony tail? They are alone, what do you do?

I suppose it depends on 'where' I happen to see them, but my first instinct is to grab them, pull them into a nice dark alley, and have my way with them until I'm totally satisfied. <3


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