Ask @PrinnyAnon:

What. In your opinion, is necessary in a "noir" story?

well I'm not an expert but I find that this two elements are needed for it to be a good noir story (other than the stuff that every story needs):
Atmosphere: it needs to be dark but not necessarily violent or cynical, what is important is to convey that now you are entering an obscure part of life, things that happen every day but that the more pleasant day to day of the population doesn't make visible.
Protagonist: the noir protagonist is an interesting and paradoxical figure. The character is normally someone hardened by his line of work or life, repressing and not displaying much emotion, but is also someone deeply in touch with his instincts and his subconscious so he is someone that both rejects and embraces the ironical and often dark side of humanity.
But this is just my opinion, as I said I'm no expert

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I hear that in fiction, you're not supposed end the story with your character having everything they wanted if you want to tell a compelling story. Do you agree with this?

No. It is true that many times writers have their characters get things that they didn't earn and thats a problem but the problem is that the charecter was rewarded for no effort not that they got their objective

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How do you feel about the power of love in a magical girl series? Can it be done well?

as a character motivation it is the bases of the genera, and even if you want to have a different motivator it has be to be present some were on your series
Its like 'but you still take the damage’ in yugioh, People might complain about it but it is not the same without it

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