Ask @Pritikakaur:

I've been stalking you for a long time.🙈 💕💞 I don't know but I couldn't resist myself.U r the cutest of Allah's creation.u r eyes r as deep as ocean u know if u were to be a fruit u would be fine-apple.u just won my heart impressed me very much tht i started liking u please can we talk please.🌷

Come off ✌️😂

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So its your birthday PARI ❤ Happy returns of the day.❤ MAY you have many more and may this day and others brings a lot of happiness in your life 💕❤ Life is a blessing don't loose Hope and enjoy to its full 😍😍 MAY THE ODDS BE IN YOUR FAVOR 💕❤ HAPPIEST WALA BIRTHDAY ❤❤ Stay blessed pretty 💕😍

Haha tysm ♥ best wish till yet ♥

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