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Should I say yes to my crush?

Fall in love with an old soul, the kind of person who thinks and loves deeply and intensely. Fall in love the introspective type whose experiences have weathered their hearts, but left them equipped with the type of knowledge that usually only comes with age. Fall in love with an old soul.
An old soul will remember the little details about you, about your relationships. They'll remember the favorite part of your favorite movie even if u haven't watched together in a long time.
Fall in love with the person who will remember your favorite foods and be ready to bring them to bring to you when you're sick or had a shitty day. Fall in love with someone who knows exactly what it is, who will make you laugh, and be the shoulder to cry on when you need to.
See, when you fall in love with an old soul, be prepared for a deep relationship, one that prioritizes passion, compassion and communication. Be ready to share a love with someone so true and raw that you will never be able to compare with anyone else ever. Knowing you'll be staying up until 2am some nights, sharing conversations that reveal certain things you thought you would never share with anyone else but with her/him you feel safe enough to tell them. With them, your secrets are cherished and welcomed because with an old soul realizes that we've all been through pain that other will never truly understand. An old soul has enough compassion to know that everyone that everyone hurts and ugliness that they hope nobody will ever see, flaws we hope to bury so deep so we can keep others around. But after enough times, these parts of us show and when they do, it will make them love you even more.
So when you're finding someone to spend the little moments with, when you're looking for a partner who will support you and love you wholeheartedly and cheer you on, who empathize with you, find an old soul. Not only will you know you are lucky, but they will know how lucky they are too..

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