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I know this I really you and your probably not going to answer this but I would just like to say that you don't know how much you mean to me and I love you and I wish I looked like you bc your so pretty and I'm jealous and I look up to you bc your not like any if the other celebs you just understand

It means a lot to me :) Your question is really so kind. I love making my fans happy, they're the best on the planet. And don't be jealous because I'm sure when you grow up, you'll be better than me. Thanks for your beautiful question :)

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Selena Gomez
Sometimes I get frustrated when I hear lies about who I am. The Internet is meant to keep you ''updated'' but it just takes old news and freezes it like it's now. You have watched me in pain and I've owned up to it through my music and actions. I grew up with you. I am beyond excited to show you the next chapter, the TRUTH. I've been keeping so many secrets... I'm reborn in every moment so who knows what I'll become... As long as I'm happy with me. #strongisbeautiful #healthyperspectiveonthemfools

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how do you know that you're in love?

Easy, when you can't forget about the guy. Whatever happens you'd be down to forgive him at any point. When you feel like the only future you have is with him. When you keep on growing back together, even when others tell you not to. That's when you know you're in love. When somebody's happiness is more important than yours.

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