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dare u at fitness armwrestling and sports u dare..

I am a nerd;
I am a geek,
with big spectacles resting on my cheeks.
My muscles are weak,
my bones lack calcium;
'cause I didn't have Calcium Sandoz tablets
when I was young.
But, hey!
I am not afraid.
I've got the courage to play.
Don't you dare, I have no fear.
I can beat you
in the challenge
Yes, I have the will.

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Hi sis i am girl and want to talk about my bro. Actually my bro is younger than me and we both share the room but i feel weird bcz in night he hugs me n sleeps. Am i thinking in wrong way or is it wrong that bro hugs n sleeps. Plz don't post this question. Reply on next question i asked.

If you feel wrong, it's wrong.
Speak up girl.
If you won't, who would?

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