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How to catch thinking of a girl or boy. About whts bad in their mind. Or they are not using me. Means am i really important to them.. Tell simple n best way to test someone. New or old frnd

First of all, let me ask you one simple question.
Why does it matter?
The time you start believing in yourself, other's words won't be a matter of consideration.
So are you really sure you wanna know how to get into someone's mind?

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no answer it right here naa.. am I this bad that I tortured u?..

Yes you are! Now dont make me say which i might regret in future! :/
u r bad, confused. You r that guy who thinks only about himself, who can make people mentally weak! What was my fault that i loved u? Was it?
Karma made u suffer and u know that too! Now please enough it is! You were right, nothing is apt 4 us! Lets be nothing!
Ciao :)

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What do you think would be one of the best steps we could take toward ending poverty around the world?

Education would be one of the best solution for poverty.
You know children should be taught the importance of knowledge from an early stage.
Why to beg or face the worst of your life when you can lead a successful life just by working hard a bit with your books :)
Many people are trapped in this vicious circle, many don't even know their fundamental rights which leads them to poverty.
Things can be changed, employment can drastically increase, everyone can get all bounties if and only if they get themselves and their children educate. :)
Because educated people bring good change :)

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