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FIR kaise kare

Now listen to me carefully okay.
I am gonna tell you how exactly you do it.
So I have all your attention? I hope so.
You get out straight okay.
You are with me right.
Go straight, and get inside your vehicle and drive.
Drive 'cause it's the matter of justice.
So drive till you reach the police station, and you see the inspector, do you see the inspector? I hope so.
Now as you sit and look at the inspector, you speak, the horrified incident that happened to you.
Now listen, no one, I say no one can refuse filling an FIR.
So get up and speak.

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How to catch thinking of a girl or boy. About whts bad in their mind. Or they are not using me. Means am i really important to them.. Tell simple n best way to test someone. New or old frnd

First of all, let me ask you one simple question.
Why does it matter?
The time you start believing in yourself, other's words won't be a matter of consideration.
So are you really sure you wanna know how to get into someone's mind?

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Post your best write-up 😁

A perfect kiss is when you have no worries, you stop stimulating. Just dive in with your partner, exploring him.
When he holds you with love, you know he wants you as much as you want him. When he becomes your world for that moment, when your lips collide and something sparks, its feels good, incredible, fantastic, ecstatic.
When he holds you, tight by your waist, when you know he won't leave, he'll have your back. When he runs his fingers through your hair, you know it's a connection. When he teases you, moving his hand from your waist, upward and it feels good that you don't stop him.
When you hug and his breath touches your neck it feels special, something out of the world. When all left is a zilch , you hold your breath cause any moment he would lean in. You wait because you are afraid that nothing goes wrong, so you just go with the flow.
Your heart races and you go up high, you feel like on a roller coaster ride.
His soft lips glides on your face, it's so real, tugging all your heart strings, making you alive. You become one, like two mingling souls from the lost land.

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