Ask @ProjectManDown:

It's funny, anon, how negative you are and how awful your behavior is. Please read the description and everything the campaign stands for and oh, please do find something better to do with your life than spread negativity. We've all had enough. Oh an btw, I ASKED if I could speak up about this

Arden Hall
sshhhh babe *pets hair* don't stress yourself babes with these petty anons. they know not of what they do

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Not hating, I actually support your campaign but I can see how some people who don't actually read the profiles can interpret the campaign names as upping women and putting men down. Have you ever thought about changing the name of Mandown to something that is not as misleading or a misnomer?

well, i thought about changing it but i realized that i want to keep this name. if people don't want to understand it, thy won't. and that's none of my concern. i also want to kind of keep the theme i have going

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