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Why can't I meet a man of God like you in the states? All I attract is Mr.Wrong!

Don't day that my friend. There're lots of them there. You know in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 there is time for everything!! Life is all about the right timing, right positioning. God is working on you. That's what I can tell you, you just work towards perfection, when the right person comes he will find you. You are a wonderful person, don't get distracted and discouraged by that. You just grow and shine in CHRIST. Your time will come. I have been there before there is no need rushing and looking for love, you either get them temporary one or you get lust!!! Being single is amazing. You do what you like and have you freedom to talk to who ever you want and be friends with who ever. You are not restricted!!! Enjoy your beautiful life my lady! God has your back. In His Time. He Will Make All Things Beautiful. ❤️

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awww your the only guy among them all... Man of valor lol

Haha if you say so yes. And I do the strong work in the house alone!!! No brother!!

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what do you think premarital sex in a relationship always lead to love?

Nah it's doesn't. It only leads to soul ties. You only get lust, not love!!! When the text of time comes, the love you feel will fade away. Because it has a wrong foundation. I already have a article on this topic. It will be out on 5th October. You check it out on my website.
what do you think premarital sex in a relationship always lead to love

What is the most interesting city to visit in your country?

There are lots. Florence, Venice and Rome. Will blow your feet off!!

How do you handle being "just friends" with someone who doesn't like you the way you like them?

Hmm that's a difficult situation to be honest. You just accept them the way they are. People are different, some go the extra mile while others don't care.
The best approach is follow them the way they are acting, so you don't get too involve and later get hurt emotionally. But have the agape love ( love if Christ) for them. Just like the type I have for you haha!!!!

What advice do you have for someone who is burning with passion (1 Cor. 7)?

If I understand very well. You are taking about temptations and youthful
Lust right?
According to 1 Corinthians 7. We have emotions and these emotions most times wants to overshadow our walk or state with God. It is very difficult, because we have to play according to Gods standards. With are clearly stated in the Bible. But the good thing is that, there is Hope and grace is well enough for us to scale through. But I would advice we try and avoid everything that will give room to soul ties and emotional attachments. We are not married yet, we can't get too close or attached to the opposite sex.
If we decide to get married, well it is good, so we could avoid the temptations, but are we actually prepared for marriage? Or is it because of sex or attention loneliness!
Priority comes first and when all is ready at the right timing, things will automatically fall in place.
But in all, prayer will keep us going and faith in Christ Jesus, we save us ti the end.
I hope i answered your Question?

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How does someone know if they have the Holy Ghost(Spirit)? Do you believe that people must speak in tongues to be saved? Do you believe that speaking in tongues declares ones salvation? What are your thoughts?

Nah sis. It is not even Biblical. The disciples were save even before the receive the Holy Spirit. Remember in acts 2. They were gathered together praying. Already they were saved.
About the confirmation of the Holy Spirit. As soon as you are saved there is the measure of the spirit of God in you. That is the spirit that will be your comforter and counsellor. He directs you.
But the full measure of the Holy Spirit comes as a result of seeking Him. This is called the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Matt 3:11, Jesus said tarry here and wait until you are endowed with power from on high. Acts 1-3 explains sis. This baptism of the Holy Ghost comes with the speaking of new tongues. It is a process of determination. When filled, you will know. It is evident.
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How does the trinity works to you? Why should one believe in it even though it wasn't even mentioned in the bible and Jesus Christ never taught the trinity!

He did. He said I and my father are one, he later said he will send the comforter that will bear witness with him. Besides in the beginning in genesis, the bible says " let us" make man in our own image. Meaning there is more than one personality. God the father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
We are in the dispensation of the Holy Ghost . Remember God was dealing with man himself before He sent His son and Jesus promise led us the Holy Spirit which is the comforter. Thanks
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How would you sum up the change(s)in your life since last March(March2013-March2014)?

Hmm well it have been very very challenging. Many things were at stake. I needed to take a lot of decisions. I was hurt in many ways. The good news are " Gods grace have been keeping me and making me scale through"
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