Ask @Psychendoscope:

Why do you offer your songs free?

My immediate purpose is to 'diffusion' of my songs.

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What's your interest about music?

My purpose is to create the world's most profound rock/metal which combined sadness and beauty.

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What bands influenced you?

Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Carcass, Dark Tranquillity

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Have you ever saved someone's life?

No one knows... Maybe, maybe not.

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Who is you? The music band? Or just a musician?

Dead Inside.

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Why do you not sing?

I should not sing

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How old are you?

Guess how old I am?

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What is your main instrument?

Umm... At least I am a guitarist
But originally I am a drummer
The drum was my original part in a previous band

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What instrument do you play?


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Do you play any gig?

Nope. For the time being psychend is active only on the web
Come on, I can't play all these instruments simultaneously on the stage, right?
So I'm ok with that am unaccountable masked man for the time being

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Umm wouldn't that be nicer?
Because we are on the web

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Where are you from?

I'll leave it to your imagination

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