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If you woke up to find yourself at Spooky's Mansion, do you think you could get through with your parts intact? And my followup bonus question is, would you want to join Spooky's army (good? ending) or become a crazy specimen (bad? ending)

I would not survive, no. No one could, you'd starve to death basically.

I would join Spooky's army. Being the most feared army in the world seems way too fun to me.

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If approached by a movie company or even if someone made a fan film based on Spooky's would you give your blessing/make one yourself? Not that I am asking personally, I just wanted to know ^_^


I don't think so. As much as this idea seems interesting, I don't think so. Spooky fits more as a game.

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Don't abandon your ask ;-;

I'm so sorry! I totally did, but i'm back!

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Kiss me or watch all episodes of One Piece ( Filers included )

One Piece is awesome

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Will you ever reveal the backstory of any of the specimen/monsters in Spooky's (including KH and Endless Mode)?

Each specimen has a little bit of their backstory in CAT-DOS and the notes in their areas. I suggest checking there.

Same with Spooky, there's a LOT of story for her, you just gotta find it. ;)

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In Karamari Hospital, there is anything in the Deformity Wing added in the last KH update? or its just a spooky endless corridor? if there is anything, give some tip to help find it XD The same aplies to the minigame Sunshine Academy, there something MORE in the game? @_@

Those are my secrets and I shall not tell them.

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Hi, I was doing research on spooky game for Audio course project in gpm graduate program at UCSC. And I was wondering is it your voice used in the game for the ghost voice-over? It sounds cute though. Scary, but cute.

Shweta Patil

Spooky was done by Akuma Kira, but anyone can do her voice! It's just pitch altered and a filter or two.

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After Spooky's HD, what's next!

Horror RPG!

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If you could make any kind of game right now regardless of money...what would you make

A spiritual successor to Nightmare Creatures.

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I want to put art up on Twitter but am worried it's crap or that no one will want to give critique on it. What should I do?

I say you should put your art out there in the open anyway.

If people think it's "crap", then that means you try harder and keep practicing so that you can get better at it.

No one is perfect on their first try, no one is. We all need to practice and practice to get better at our craft.

So, if you get negative comments, don't let that destroy you, use it as motivation to try harder.

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What's your poison when it comes to alcohol?

Whiskey sours all the way.

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When are you gonna finish Evangelion?

Shush, when I stop being human scum.

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pizza or wings?

Yoshy Flores

Both! Together if possible.

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Can you tell me who the undisputed, no-questions-asked, one hundred percent, all around, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, as plain and frank as can possibly be...Overlord of Bacon is?

That would be Our Overlord of Bacon Jimpu.

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Who voiced the "phone call" you receive in the original Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion? For some reason I really like that person's voice.

That was me! :D

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Are you aware that you're the coolest?


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Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?

Sometimes I listen to the Two Best Friends Play podcast, but other than that, not really.

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Because why not? lol

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Yo s'up

Hey, hi, hello.

Nothing much, sitting in a car. Sup with you?

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Who created Spooky (the character), you or Kira? :3 and how much you love her? Who dubbed her? (with the help of a software XD, right? :V). You and Kira (is he/sh a boy or a girl XD) are going to create more horror (not necessarily 'cute' horror like spooky) games?. Sorry for so many questions XD <3

Kira made Spooky.

Kira is a boy and I'm a girl.

Spooky's voice is very heavily edited and can be voiced by either of us.

Kira is working on other games and so am I.

I am working on a horror RPG.

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Ever thought about work in a big company ( Ubisoft, Nintendo, Blizzard ) ?

I had a hand in a Zynga game as community manager and QA tester. That's the "biggest" game company I worked for. Worked for a bunch of indie studios. Not really interested in working on big triple A titles or studios. I like the indie scene too much.

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Will all of the textures/sounds of Spookys game be available at some point?

Textures are available and have been since release. Sounds will not be.

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What happened with you ? You make us on twitter stay worried D: Anyway, hope you get better soon, there is still lots of butts and titties out there to apreciate

I had gotten into an accident but I'm doing just fine now!

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Is that anything in Spooky that you don't like ?

I wish the wall collision wasn't there. That's about it. Overall very happy with the game.

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What tattoos do you have thus far ? They have any deep meaning ?

I have my entire right arm sleeved out in horror movie characters. Deep meaning: horror movies are my favorite.

I have a microphone with wings on my back. Deep meaning: music is one of my biggest passions.

Majora's Mask tattoo on my chest. Deep meaning: it's my favorite game.

Konami code on my left forearm. Deep meaning: one of my favorite childhood memories was playing Contra and using that code for more lives cause I sucked.

Link from LoZ slashing down at a Bomb-Omb from Mario 64. Deep meaning: two of my favorite game series combined into one cute picture.

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