Ask @PureNintendo:

If you had to choose, would you go to the Light or the Dark side?

This seems like a good time to answer this question, since we just published our review of the latest Star Wars video game ...
Anyway, and informal poll of approx. half the PN staff revealed about a 60/40 edge for the Light side (we like the color variety of the lightsabers). We'll leave it up to our fans to guess who the Sith's in training are on the team.

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Will group Purely Opinion articles be a new thing?

We don't know if they'll be a recurring feature as of yet, but at the very least we'd like to continue publishing them on an occasional basis. Feedback from readers will definitely help shape how often they appear.
At the moment we are in the planning stages of our next Purely Opinions piece. And the upcoming issue of PNM will have a brand new Purely Opinions too. So do look forward to them.

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What's your plan for featuring Mario Maker courses in the magazine?

The poll is still running, but the early results do point to Super Mario Maker courses appearing in future issues of PNM ...
It's a topic we've discussed briefly in the past, and we'll hash out specifics once the results are final. Hopefully our fans have some cool courses waiting to be looked at!

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