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Take me 2 lonely landddd too..

It's just a tear drop away

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You don't compliment much, do you?

I do compliment! But when I do they are honest; so yes, few in number

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What is the furthest place from home you've visited?

Lol that's imaginary tho
Want to join me?

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Hard on the outside soft on the inside, that's Purna to me

Awh.. 2x

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Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam at the shallow end- For you Purna😊


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A vry honest thing, princess- I am very sad. I am not as beautiful as you. You know me but there is a strange vaccum, I cant tell u this. I am depressed. I dont knw wht to do. I see other girls on social media i feel sad i am not like that.... U know wht i mean. If i tell someone else they'll fun(((

Sadly I just have 5-10mins for ask fm per month, so I wont be able to speak much abt this at the moment. But we can do one thing, write to me as in mail me...
I ll try to be of some help🌼

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You are so warrior like and how I ❤ it!


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You are so brave! Your piece on India and Pakistan was commendable. Lots of respect. It needs guts to put forward your true views. Were not you scared? Lots of respect. I hope you became a leader here and lead us to peace and unity.

1. Thanks 2. Thanks again 3. Thanks again 4. Guts, why? And what's this abt "True views" okay I ll be honest, I know what you mean 5. Why should I be scared? Scared and me,just no links 6. Thank you 7. I hope too.

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Whats tis hype abt what Purna will be wearing for the farewell?

Stupid/ petty ppl talk abt stupid/petty stuff
They must grow up
And yeah, i dont care

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You receive the most compliments for?

"Oh you are sweet inside out"
Dressing sense/Fashion sense
And yeah, smile

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Viserion marke ice dragon ban jata hai ! Got spoilers😂😂


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U r such an alpha

I know

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A love advice

Do not make promises if you dont have the courage to fulfil them.

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Haha. You know too much about me it seems
This is a lil exaggerated though

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You are compltly lke d Libra women from What's your raashee the movie

I am a libra
I dont know what you are talking about

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U r a meninist

And you are a stupidist.

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What's sexier-makeup or cloths?

Principles. Sexier than the sexiest💯

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Lost love?

I would rather jump off a cliff

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Suggest me one

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Somethin random

Random is my favourite💎

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Write somethin pls

Something, like?

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U n Vrishank?❤♥❤

I am going to kill you!

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Tryst tonight?


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You knw even when u had your surgery and were absent at school for months, some bitches were back bitting. How insensitive! I was so hurt!!!

I know.
But who cares?
I had those whom I love very close to me; what else does one need?:)
Infact this thing brought us even closer.

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