Ask @PurpleMentat:

Are you now, or were you ever, a piece of spaghetti, Superman, or a flashlight without batteries?

I have never been a piece of spaghetti. I used to imagine and hope I was Superman, mainly because I want to be able to fly. I sometimes feel like a flashlight without batteries, when depression steals away all that is light and good and joyful in my life.

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Do you have any advice for people that overthink? Should they see a professional to talk to?

This advice applies to everyone. Are your thoughts and feelings stopping you from being happy or accomplishing your goals? Then talk to a therapist. Are they just worrying you but not stopping you? Talk to a therapist.
It might be long term therapy, or it might be just a few sessions. Either way, it won't do you any harm.

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How much time you do youtube?

I've been on YouTube for nearly a year. I spend between sixty and eighty hours a week at it, between recording, editing, comments, promotion, researching, trying new things to improve, admin, and monetizing.
I am really looking forward to the day I feel my skills are acceptably above average. That will free up a lot of "learn and improve" time to make more content. The number one skill I'm working on right now is improving my time management and work flow.

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