Ask @PurpleMentat:

What advice would you give someone who has never appreciated metal health issues but now kinda needs someone to talk to?

Odd source, but this LifeHacker article actually covers the process of getting help in a pretty concise manner.
In short, find a social worker or therapist (who accepts your insurance if you're in the US) and make an appointment. The first, hardest step is asking for help (the appointment) and talking to the stranger (showing up to it). Your primary care physician can help recommend a practice if you want some advice on it.
And the best advice I can give: don't just try to tough it out. Everyone needs some help sometimes, so don't let pride hold you back.

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So, I think a lot of people empathise with you and you gained a lot of your fanbase due to you being so open about your mental state. How do you feel that maybe some of your fans feel the same and might watch your videos at the end of the day, to make it a little brighter (I know for myself I do). ♥

This is a complicated one, so I'm covering it in the vLog that's upload right now.

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What are your thoughts on Tumblr? Do you have a personal Tumblr? What do you eat for breakfast normally?

Tumblr is just another social media site. I have an account I use to follow some folks but never post there. Breakfast is usually fruit, protein and fat (sausage, eggs, ham), and something bread ish (waffle, pancake, toast). Also coffee, but that's less "breakfast" and more "fact of life"

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What is your favorite genre of games? If there is a specific, why is that?

I don't have a single favourite. I really enjoy games with heavy structure. Turn-based strategy, RPGs, deep and complex mechanical systems for me to dig into. The whole push for 'open world' and 'sandbox gameplay' is good on paper, and a great selling point, but overdone IMO. I'd like to see more structured experiences. Emergent gameplay is enjoyable but not my favourite.

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I have to ask for a small look into the Mind of Mentat, If your life could be like any anime/movie/TV series/Video Game/Etc, which would you wish it to be like?

For my life to be a certain way, the world would need to be that way. In that case, I'd choose Star Trek. A post-scarcity utopia with effectively infinite energy and the ability to create matter from that energy? Sign me up. Also, holodecks. I want the games we can make with a holodeck!

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If you could live anywhere in the world were would you live? Have a nice day.

Right now, Canada, Sweden, and Denmark are all tempting. I'm not a fan of the direction the US is going, and how are political system is "Right wing" and "SUPER Right wing." I've read a lot of good out of those places, and the government ideals seem to align with my own. I'm sure there is a lot of bad that I'm not seeing there.

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