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I'm a high school student writing a synthesis paper. I'd like to use your interview with Dean Harrington for an MLA paper about the video game voice actor issue. I'd like to know your real name so I can cite you as a credible source. Thanks.

First off, honored that you will be using SG's content for a paper. It really falls into my goal for what SG should be.
You may use pseudonyms for citation purposes.
Someday, I may switch over to my real name but right now I feel a pseudonym gives me a bit more freedom in what I can say.

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In your opinion, what Nintendo characters would have a good chance of being chosen for the next Smash Bros. roster if there even will be another Smash game?

Takamaru and/or Diddy Kong Jr. as the retro rep (probably Diddy Kong Jr. as the "surprise one".
After that it really depends on who's relevant/ important and when the game's final roster is penned. That being said, I'm hopeful for King K. Rool and Ashley appearing in the game. I believe Inklings will get in too.

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What do you think the possibility of Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS being ported as Smash Bros. NX with new features such as modes and fighters? Also, what new things would you see possible or would like to see?

I'm already working on an article about that! Compiling sales data, and development time it'll be pretty extensive. Got some other projects I *need* to focus on first, so it'll come out later this month!
It really depends on what the console is capable of. If it can handle straight ports, or if it requires extra development. Also, what can it do? We have some rumors but nothing 100%.

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What Assist Trophy character(s) from Smash 4 would you like to see become playable in the next Smash game?

Ohh that's a good question. Might use it for a future Source Gaming Choice :).

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A time ago I readed somewhere that all assist trophoes where considered as characters at one point, how much truth do you think there could be in that?

Do you happen to have a link to the original article?
I don't remember that being mentioned in any of interviews I've read with Sakurai...and I've read stuff we haven't even translated yet.
So...probably 0 truth in that.

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Do you think the Ice Climbers would've worked on Wii U, even on 8-player Smash as they would technically count as 16 controlled characters (Nana is an independent AI in a way)?

No, I believe 8 Player Smash is only possible without the Ice Climbers. 8 Player Smash already utilizes the Wii U's power to the fullest extent possible as certain stage elements had to be removed (Mirror in Wii Fit Studios, breakable Mansion, etc). Furthermore, models had to be altered (Look at Wii Fit Trainer's thumbs up pose in 8 player Smash!). Therefore even adding one additional player would be an bigger strain on the system (as it has to constantly listen to inputs from 9 sources, plus movements, etc).

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So how do you feel about currently repped 3rd Party series getting a second character (like Zero for Megaman, Chun-li for Street Fighter, etc etc.)?

Personally, I feel that like there's still a lot of characters that should get in before Zero, Chun-li, etc gets in.
Basically all of these:

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If Sakurai was to pick a lesser known Nintendo character from the black box NES games (i.e. Clu Clu Land, Mach Rider, Urban Champion, etc.) for Smash, who do you think it would be?

(Hopefully this time works)
If Sakurai was to pick a lesser known Nintendo character from the black box NES games (i.e. Clu Clu Land, Mach Rider, Urban Champion, etc.) for Smash, who do you think it would be?
Out of the ones mentioned in the question, Mach Rider as he wasn't called out on the Ice Climbers page
even though Sakurai talked about him during Smash 64's poll responses.
If he changed his mind, I could see Urban Champion or Bubbles eventually coming in as a surprise character. Excitebike Racer is a little less likely, but Bowser Jr. proved that the concept of a vehicle based moveset could work.
Nantendo also convinced me on D.K. JR's potential:
DK JR (if no new DK rep gets in)
Mach Rider
Urban Champion
DK Jr (if a DK rep gets in)
Excitebike Racer

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The Ice Climbers link is broken FYI.

Sorry about that, added the ) and junk to the URL.
go there!

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I was wondering if Japanese views on strong women are different from the West. I was wondering because I read that Samus' character in Other M was based on how Japan viewed strong women or something along that line and that's why Japan was not as harsh on her compared to the West.

Feminism in Japan is very different. I'm not too familiar with gender studies in Japan, so I'll just speak a little bit of my own personal experience. So everything is just my opinion.
There is still a strong culture of "domestic" wives. A lot of women still get married, have kids and essentially become a housewife (less in the cities nowadays). However, in my experiences through study abroad, and my working experience...I felt like my host mothers/ mothers in general (I had to change host families) held the true power in the household. Housewives in Japan usually control the finances and take charge of raising the children. While women in Japan may seem very oppressed, I feel like in a lot of ways they do have a lot power.
As for your actual question, I'm not too sure. Researching Japanese reactions to Other M might be an interesting topic to tackle someday.

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What 3rd party character(s) do you think deserves a spot in Smash 4?

Great question!
Bomberman is easily my top pick. I feel he's extremely iconic, and he would fit in with the other characters.
There is a group of characters that I feel deserves a spot, but are unlikely due to licensing issues, and ratings issue.
Snake, Scorpion, Master Chief, and Leon Kennedy would fit in this category.
I feel like a Final Fantasy or a Kingdom Hearts character also 'deserves' to get in. With Square Enix already committed to publishing some games on the NX, I'd like to see one of their characters get in either Smash for Wii U/3DS or the eventual Smash for NX.
Spyro and Rayman are in the next category for me. Both would fit, but I feel they have less legacy than the characters I've already mentioned.
The last group are characters from one shot/dead series/ no longer relevant. Banjo and Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot would fit into Smash but relevancy is a bit issue.

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What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

This image.

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I was wondering if perhaps you would ever do an article on something other than Smash Bros (love those btw). Perhaps a Mario or Zelda interview or maybe something controversial like Other M or Sticker Star? Maybe even a non Nintendo company!

I recently looked into the use of the time trial code that appears in Mario Kart: Double Dash. I kind of like exploring those kinds of things; and I've always held in interested in dropped/ unused content and controversies within video gaming. As a kid, I was obsessed with trying to find the Triforce in Ocarina of Time. In college, I almost wrote an independent research paper on violence in video games and if the government should regulate content within games. I might still have the outline for the paper, which could translate into a whole series of articles. I'm actually graduated with a double major in Political Science and Japanese Studies, so I decided to write my research paper on U.S. military bases in Okinawa.
Right now, I'm working on going through some older Famitsu articles written by Masahiro Sakurai because there's quite a few aspects of Smash that I'd like to fully explore. The two big questions I'd like to answer are: "What kind of person is Masahiro Sakurai?" and "How is Smash designed, and how as a community should we approach Smash?" It's difficult to fully answer both of those questions, but I feel that resources we have in the Smash community is severely lacking.
With the Mario and Zelda communities, there are quite a number of people which provide reliable translations and information. If you are interested in Zelda stuff in particular then I highly recommend checking into GlitterBerri's work ( ( She's done a ton of stuff for the Zelda community, and doesn't get nearly enough recognition.

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Important question. Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers! Thought boxer briefs might be the best of both worlds.

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Where are you at the moment?

At my apartment, in Japan!

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