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what about guys with hair in a pony tail?

i cant stand guys with hair. its unattractive. makes you look young and immature.

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what do u mean by "sure" ? give me some details lol

if he knows how to work with it cool than it doesnt matter.

nipple slip out of your shirt aka nip slip

oh, never lol. i dont wear shirts that low or show all that excessive shit. leave some for the imagination.

u get lonely often there??

i mean you make friends, but when those friends take off the lonely hurts a little more than before but its life.

what about navy or coast guard?

i was going to go navy, they took to long, marine corps was making moves, fast.

how do they feed u?? lol

theres a chow hall. opens certain hours. other than that i feed myself lol they do have stores lol

why did u chose the marines & not the air force or something else?

air force are for book smart kids. not me. marines are the bad asses, so i figured my attitude would fit right in.

what do you mean it depends on how you leave?

u sign a contract of 4 yrs active 4 yrs inactive, if they need u before those 4 inactive is up, yes u haveto come back


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