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do you like sports?

i like watching basketball, i use to keep up with it. Now i dont. i use to like playing football but again, i dont lol.

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your brother is a barber right? does he make good money?

when hes doing his thing nd not being lazy yeaa im sure. but you should ask him.

do/did alot of guys try to get at u?

define "a lot" of guys. i think dudes try getting at every female. depends on the dude or the female.

how did u meet harv?

<3 rip. i met him when i was in plum one day after school. when he had his fro.

whats some nasty stuff u seen for that 4 months of your life?

sheesh, females who didnt shower for a few weeks at a time. females who didnt shave for three months, thats including arm pits too. lol you see it all.

parts. name them & why

my best friend, cuz me nd her lived together. my x, that explains him. thats about it.

u take showers with 60 plus girls?? lol

It went from 60 to like 30 nd yes you had no choice. But not anymore. That's only for boot camp nd MCT so like 4 months out your life.

have u seen anyone from north high nude??

Explain what you mean by nude... Fully naked or just parts I guess ?

why did u go into the service? how much do u get paid?

to better my life, nd brighten my future. you get paid depending on your rank.


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