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My school doesn't know much about the college app process. So I was wondering is it okay for me to fed-ex sealed transcripts and recommendations the admissions office of the university? I wanna do it myself because I don't want my school to mess them up.

As for transcripts and recommendations, the prefered method is by sending them using the electronic portal of the CommonApp. As for sending them yourself, it would be best to have the school send them for better authentication.

Would mentors write essays for trainees?

No. Our mentors only guide the mentees through the process. They may help with editing and revision, but none would write an essay for their mentee.
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If I apply early action, which is the last SATs score l could send ?

It depends on schools, but usually the October scores are the last acceptable scores.

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What are good schools that accept January SATs?

Most schools accept January SATs. However, some exceptions include: UC Schools and Stanford.

Is it possible to take an AP course without taking a certified course ? and where can you take AP tests on Riyadh,KSA ?

Unforuntly we do not have extensive information on the subject. However, the following links may be of use:
It seems the procedure is to find a local school, contact them about taking the AP exam in their school on the test date, and then taking the exam. In the second link you may be able to find participating schools in Riyadh, and then you'd have to contact them. Thank you for your questions.
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I want to pursue my master's degree in operations management, and i would like to know what are the requirements to get an acceptance in Harvard, Yale, Berkeley and stanford?

Unfortunately, our knowledge is only for applying to bachelors programs. We have little to no information on graduate programs.
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السلام عليكم، أنا أحد الطلاب المقبلين للدراسة في الخارج وأبدأ التحضيرية استعدادًا للجامعات بعد ٣ شهور، وأنا أنوي الذهاب لـ MIT إذ أن تخصصي هندسة كهربائية، فما نصائحك وإرشاداتك؟ عن الجامعة والتخصص؟ علمًا أني لم أختبر توفل وسات، فكيف الاستعداد لشروطهم؟ وما هي بالضبط بالنسبة لـ international students؟

السلام عليكم, يوجد لدينا صفحة كاملة مخصصة للتقديم على جامعة MIT
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سؤال بسيط جدا. لماذا لغة الموقع ليست عربية، أو على الأقل لماذا لم توفروا اللغتين العربية والانجليزية. لا لشيء ولكن فقط اعتزازا بلغتنا ولو بشكل بسيط؟

مرحبا بك عزيزي،
على رفيع قدر اللغة العربية لدينا، إلا أن الكتابة بها يتطلب جهوداً إضافية في الصياغة والتنقيح، حيث أنه ليس كل طاقم فريق قمة على قدر عالي من إتقان العربية الفصحى
إضافةً إلى ذلك، نحن في قمة، نتوقع من طلابنا إجادتهم للغة الإنجليزية وكونهم على قدر عالي من الإتقان، حيث أن هذا شرط للقبول في جامعات أمريكا المرموقة، لا يقبل المساومة تحت أي حالة من الأحوال أو ظرف من الظروف. وضعاً ذلك بعين الإعتبار، بالإضافة إلى إيماننا بكون اللغة أصلاً طريقة تفكير ، فإننا نرجح كفة التحدث باللغة الإنجليزية في هذا المقام لأننا نريد أن نحرك غريزة التفكير لدى طلابنا ونستلهمهم باللغة الإنجليزية ، فحين كتابتهم للمقالات الشخصية وتواصلهم مع الجامعات الأميركية، تكون أفكارهم أصيلة، وغير مترجمة فتكون يتيمة الفكرة ناقصة المعنى. يعزى ذلك كله لخدمة طالب قمة لتكون ملفات قبوله أتقن وأقرب للقبول.
مذكرين أن مبادرة قمة هي أولاً وآخراً لخدمة العرب واللغة العربية، سائلين المولى التسديد والإخلاص في القول والعمل.
نشكر لك حسن تواصلك، ونسعد بالمزيد من الإقتراحات والملاحظات ات

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Is it possible to take SAT subjects tests in 11th grade ? Will universities accept it ?

Yes it is possible to take the SAT subject exams in the 11th grade. Also, most universities will accept scores from the 11th grade if you're applying as a senior. As for applying during a gap year, check the universities website for more information.
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Hi, can you offer help to a graduate student who wants to do his master degree in one of the top schools

So currently, we only have information and guidance on the undergraduate application process. Seeing almost all the current board members are only undergrads, and so are not in a position to help.
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Arab teachers aren't familiar with writing recommendations and no matter how much links and examples I provide them with they still don't write a good one.. Is it possible to ask a teacher during my FY? I think we'll be taking pre-calc.

You can technically ask a FY teacher, however most colleges judge your recommendation based on how much your teacher knows you. So the longer the duration the better.
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would you guys be interested in reading my essay and make some comments on how I may improve it? If so, please provide me with the most comfortable way to send it to you.

So the Qimmah Mentorship program has a class which is specifically for essay reviewing which you can apply to.
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First of all I would like to Congratulate you on starting a wonderful website and I hope you guys recieve the recognition you deserve. A quick question that I want to ask. So if my school GPA was around 3.74 and I managed to get a very high SAT score. Is it possible for me to get into an ivy ?

No top school has any cut off points for scores. They all have a wholistic approach to college admissions. Your essays and EC's will also be important. So yes, it is very possible.
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shall I choose my university based on overall ranking and reputation? or just my major ranking? Because top ivy league schools doesn't have a very good program for my major.

That view differs from person to person. Some urge on overall reputation and some major programs. There are good arguments for both, and so a mix of the two would be good.
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Can you give me an approximate number of low score, medium score, high score

You can go to the "Choosing your college list" page and see what are the score ranges for certain schools. Low scores usually, from experience, range from 1200 - 1500. Medium and high are very subjective and thus we can't answer that.
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Where can I find acceptance rates for international students?

It depends from school to school, however most schools don't state it. Search the schools' websites.
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Congratulations, good job the website is great. Really proud of Saudis and Arabs like you guys! I suggest doing a youtube channel as well. Good luck.

Thank you! We are working with other parties to make a series of informational videos on applying to US colleges specifically targeted at Arabs. Hopefully those will be out in a matter of months.
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Do you think that there is enough time to crack the SAT and boost one's grade with high inflation like from 500 to 800?

If you study hard enough, and use some good test taking strategies, raising your score significantly is always a possibility. Historically we have seen scores go from 1500 to 1900+ over a short time period due to constant work. We suggest you read some of our guides on the SAT for more information on how to increase your score.
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So any school with an acceptance rate over 60% is a safety school right?

Most likely. However, it is not a certainty that one will get accepted at any school, regardless. So you should have more than one safety school.
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