Ask @Queen_of_Hell18:

Ships for your character? Explain your view on them. Do they have potential?

//My OTP for Mandy is John. I love the SL that’ll be between them.
I also ship Jerandy. Jeremy didn’t care if she killed people. Hell, I think they had sex covered in the blood of a guard. They’re fiery and I love that.
I do also kind of ship her with Avery. I feel like they’d be friggin adorable.

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How do you feel about Jeremy's admin choosing Annie only because of her fc?

//Pretty sure that isn’t true.. But good try.

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Do you feel bad while writing a descriptive smut?

//No..? I feel bad that Jerandy smut was never finished. But I plan on doing a sort of flashback solo on it.

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// You tell that anon! You do an amazing job with Amanda and I envy your ability to be as active as you are on all of your characters.

Ainsley Carson
//You’re such a sweetheart, and I completely adore you. Thank you for saying this ❤️ I try so hard to be active on everyone and give them the justice they deserve. I think we should all do another love spam :3

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you are not doing justice to Amanda, you don't roleplay at all.

// So, a couple of things. You’re a cowardly asshole. If you have a problem with how I do or do not play Mandy, come off anon. And second, fuck you. You have no right to insult me and tell me about my own character. I do actually rp on Amanda. Fuck off.

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Will you be doing kids for the teenverse?

//I’d like to, but I need John and Abel made.
I’m begging for someone to make them.

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