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Amanda Patterson
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One character you would take on if you could?

//Roisin, but also Kaya. And James. And two OCs. I'm a mess, I know xD

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What was the last lie you told?

I'm fine.

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Current ships and broships?

//Johnandy for a ship.
Broships: MandyxAvery, MandyxMadi, MandyxRhi, MandyxClary, Jerandy.
And sisships: MandyxPierce, MandyxMackenzie, MandyxJess

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What would you do If you fell in love with someone who is taken?

Keep it to myself.

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What will you be wearing to the vow renewal? {Gold/Rose Gold/Pale Pink Themed.}

show something that most people try to forget she has, her humanity.

//Thank you for this, again! I'm glad someone finally gets Mandy. I'm trying to develop her into a better person. Your kind words have just inspired me more. If I could hug you right now, I totally would.

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Amanda can be so hard to understand at times. She puts on this show of only caring about being Queen of Hell and nothing else. And people can often play that easily. But they tend to forget that she's got feelings, and cares about her sister and her father, and still wants to impress them. You -

//Not gonna lie, I'm crying all over again.

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name a person you care about a lot.

Jessamine and her family, Jeremy, Avery, Madison, Rhianna.

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Describe Lucy in one word.


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Describe Pierce in one word.


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Woman crush Wednesday?

Who would you like to be your best friend?

Does your character like anyone but doesn't want to admit it? (either in a romantic or friendly way)

//She did for Jeremy, but since accidentally killing someone innocent, she's focusing on herself.

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Do you think you're a good judge of people? Have people ever judged you wrong?

No, and most everyone has judged me correctly.

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If you had to pick someone (who isn't your love interest or you're not already hooking up with) to hook up with for one night without any consequences, who'd it be?

Avery or Madison.

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What you doing ooc?

//Watching the PLL finale ;-;

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What state is your character in right now? Have they changed any since they initially arrived?

Mandy hit rock bottom. She realized she would never be Queen of Hell, so she spiraled right into Jeremy, who was also spiraling. Then Jess went all Mama Bear on her, and Mandy finally decided to be better than who she used to be. Now, she's struggling with her feelings for the youngest male Strickland while struggling with personal issues. But she'll be better soon.

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What will you wear to the desires party?

Who do you hope to be paired with at the desires party?

If you HAD to write a new love interest for your character what would they be like and who would their fc be?

John is pretty great as Amanda's love interest.

But if I HAD to, Mandy needs someone who understands her but also calms her tf down. She needs someone who will love her and all her flaws.

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Jess&Jeremy or Jess&Scarlet


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