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Is there anyway Blade waltz (fiora old ult) would ever come back to lol? I mean the concept of the ult and animations are really cool, it's sad that I won't be able to see it again... Isn't there anyway a new champ would have it? With adding new effects and make it more skill based perhaps?

It's not unthinkable that it could come back in another method, but the complete lack of any input from both parties is what kinda killed it. It's a cool thematic, and it was well received in its prior execution just because it was a "I win" button.
So... maybe with changes? Unsure. I'd personally just like to get more "blink strike" / "after image" styled abilities.

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what do you think about leblanc VU? IronStylus said she's pretty high on his list, and she actually need a better lore. She's one of the most interesting and mysterious champions lore wise, yet, her current one tells more the story of the Black Rose, rather than her own

Hmm, she definitely could use help. She's basically just a cape (sometimes), a headdress (sometimes) and a staff. I think for her being the deceiver she's a bit off as well- the only real deception was that.
We could hit her with a middle range (Alistar/Maokai) styled update, as she's not the worst offender out there. No current plans though.
And yeah, I think her story is really interesting.

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What are your current thoughts on what you would like to keep with the poppy's VU and rework? I personally would love a skill shot mechanic for her charge similar to fiora's dash.

We're trying to maintain a bit of the feel of Poppy's kit, but the only ability that will be the same in its entirety is the E. We actually like the melee Condemn styled ability. You already have to play around walls, which is skill expression.

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Some of the splash arts in game are, to be polite, fucking awful. Some examples: Irelia base, every Nidalee skin before Headhunter, most Tristana skins, Phantom/Statue/Reaper Karthus, most Ashe skins (but not Woad! That shit sick af), every Corki skin... Wouldn't these be fairly quick wins to fix?

Henré Botha
There definitely are splashes in our game that aren't up to our quality bar.
They're unfortunately not "quick" fixes. Splashes take a decent amount of time to make, seeing as they're usually painted pieces. While we could half-ass it and make something that is better than the live versions, we'd rather just go full-ass and do it well. Unfortunately, that does mean it takes a little longer.

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other than Rammus, there are still a lot of champions and skins that need a splash art update but we haven't seen any of those since Anivia, how come?

We're slowly burning on them (the 5 skin splashes recently were a part of this). Good splashes generally take a good amount of time, and each patch seems to have around 3-4 new ones. As the amount of new ones increases, the ability to update the older ones get harder.
We're finding a better stride here though.

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Karma and Trundle were especially good ones that people still ding us on [..] What do you mean by this? I think it's good that you admit there were faults with earlier reworks. Especially for someone who works under QA, these are things you have to take note of, no matter how old they are (Part 1).

Although I personally would think young and fresh is not an excuse, especially if you say these champions may or may not be revisited. Its nice to know that players are forgiving when it comes to mistakes, but bear in mind that past mistakes =/= books are closed, lesson learned kind of thing.
If anything, I hope you continue to be critical of yourselves. That is essentially what QA is about since you guys are the voice of community and let Karma and Trundle's mistake serve as a reminder to amend the wrongs. Is there anyone in Riot where I can talk passionately about VO/VA with?
I mean Karma and Trundle are good examples for where we get dinged, and rightfully so. If we delivered nothing but those style of reworks over the... gosh, 2.5 years or so since, I think we wouldn't be looking so hot. We still look back and use past examples of things we've shipped internally to reflect upon.
Resting on our laurels is never something we want to do. We want to deliver more, higher quality, player satisfying updates. We don't get there by continuing to do the same thing over and over. Experimenting, growing, reflecting.
And hey, no book is ever closed here. Send me a DM on Twitter (or let me know another way to get in contact with you) towards your final question.

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Hey! Do you know if the upcoming Miss Fortune changes are a gameplay rework or just changing her numbers and scaling? Thanks!

More than numbers, but not a heavy rework.
RiotScruffy says...
[The changes] are still happening, just not before worlds. Statikk (dude working on them) is making sure that they will have a real positive effect on making MF fun and relevant again. We don't wanna rush out something that isn't going to work.
Ideally when it's all done, some long standing complaints about her ult scaling and overall purpose as a character will be solved. MF's signature moves right now just aren't packing the punch that they should so we hope to fix that.
Hopefully a bit of our "unique identity" philosophy for champs will pay off here. We can really go big on MF as the AOE wombo combo adc with clear weaknesses and she can be strong without shooting to must pick/ban status.
IMO the recent ashe work did this in a way we're pretty happy with, shes a strong pick but not unbeatable.

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Is there a place or someone I can report this bug to? There's currently a visual/ gameplay bug for Fiora's passive/ult where if she stands too close to the target with the passive she won't proc it and just auto them normally although facing the right side.

You're more than welcomed to report bugs here. We also have a Bug Report section on our forums.
We're aware of this bug, and looking for a good way to solve it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Well. I have certainly have no doubt about your passion for this topic. I don't personally have a stake in which voice actor does a position or not, as I tend to look at the output moreso than who is doing the input. Though, I like Danielle, I think she's nice and did well on old Karma.
Voices, and the characters they represent, are very nuanced topics. Tone is incredibly subjective, and has a million and one different ways a subtle change can change expression.
As I mentioned in the first answer, there are several reasons why a voice can change. It could be several of them meshing together. It could be wanting to separate a character from others with similar voices (perhaps with Ashe, all three sisters sounded too similar? Hazarding a guess.). I can't say, I don't have the context behind the people who made the decisions- but I'm sure they had their reasons. We don't aim to change for the sake of change.
A lot of your examples point towards updates that are over two years old now at this point. I know it doesn't excuse the errors then, but we are trying to do much better these days. We were young then. We'll revisit them someday, but I can't say in good confidence they're worth looking at over other characters.
We've made our mistakes. Karma and Trundle were especially good ones that people still ding us on. They're not bad characters, but they're not fully the character that was known before. We'll still make mistakes, but please trust that we're making efforts to not repeat them.
And no, I don't think MsPudding was Sivir.

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