Why do you guys keep throwing these weird mini-games on champs lately? Fiora, Skarner, Garen, etc.

A recent development (like, last 6 months or so) has been trying to make sure that every champion, not just role, has a unique strategic output and identity. (or in English, everyone should bring something different to the game.)
Sure, everyone can attack, kill things, destroy towers, ward, buy items, etc. You know, play League of Legends. It's finding ways of changing HOW they do that is the idea. The mini-games are an output of that mindset, although they aren't that new. Draven's auto-attacks are a mini-game, Kennen's passive, Rageblade (that's still an item?) has stack upkeep as a mini-game.
Additionally, it gives you another method of mastery on a champion. Sure, you could know how to perfectly play Melee Carries. Do you know the perfect way to utilize Fiora's passive? Do you always go for the mark (protip: yes), or do you play it safe and hold back? I personally find that much more interesting than simply knowing the difference between Alpha Strike's Damage and Spinning Slash's.
A lot of the recent ones (Garen, Fiora, Skarner) have had much LOUDER outputs than before, hitting onto UI elements at times, but that's because we want to keep pushing the bar on what each character can and does bring. That's something that's true over all our our development. At a baseline, all abilities are just flavored versions of dealing or mitigating damage. It's the flavor that separates Singed's ultimate from Sion's ultimate though.
As this question was asked a while ago, have you had a change to play around with theses characters since? Do they still feel weird to you? Out of place? And, regardless if they are, do you find them fun? Enjoyable? Would they increase the odds of you playing that champion?

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