When will Taric and Poppy get their updates? Later this year or only next year? Also, what are your opinions on those champions? What would you change, what would you keep?

Poppy is in active development. Taric will be quick on her heels.
I find Poppy to be really cool. I like her character as it exists on live, even if she's... uh... http://i.imgur.com/hyYA4ln.jpg
I love the way she just doesn't really give a fuck and just smashes onto the scene. Will definitely need a bit more of her assassin identity toned down (look, she can't be unkillable AND killing everything). I think she has a fun grumpy, kinda awkward (especially compared to Tristana) thing going on. She's insanely unique in that she's a physical Yordle- all others are trap/tool users, or mages. Because of this, expect to see some crazy shit.
For Taric... he's a bit of an oddball. The massive thing that needs to be solved on him is the massive dissonance between GEM KNIGHT and OUTRAGEOUS. How practical is he? How stylish is he? Can you find ways to solve for one without diminishing the other? Do you build in one direction or another? We think we have a pretty good idea of how to do this, but it definitely took a while to reach that point.
Taric is one of those characters (and certainly not the only one) where the community has moved him in a different direction than his original implementation. This isn't a bad thing (I'd love to see how the Syndra/Zed comic affects either of them down the road).
Not really a change/keep statement for either, but hopefully answers your question. :D

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