What is the current situation with Evelynn's VU? I know the standard answer is "we don't know what she is yet," but her VU was mentioned back with her rework in July 2012. Ironstylus mentioned a few months back that Lonewingy was looking into Evelynn, but we haven't heard anything else since.

She's still a priority, and being slowly burned on. Higher priorities right now for full Relaunches.
Evelynn has the weird issue of being... well... "Evelynn's origins are shrouded in mystery - a mystery she herself helps to perpetuate." People like to make fun of the "dark, mysterious past", but Evelynn is LITERALLY the poster child of that. Is she a vampire? Is she a "emotional vampire"? Is she a succubus? Lot of questions to answer.
I'm confident that when she's finished, she'll be AMAZING though. The fantasy space that Evelynn occupies is similar to a lot of really cool assassin style characters in other games, so there's definitely a lot of inspiration to draw from.

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