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I find myself at night telling myself I'm not good enough, how can I be like you? :(

Since this is on anon, I have no idea who you are, but I can guarantee you are more than good enough. Whether it be sports, looks, intelligence, personality, boy problems, girl problems, family problems, any problem or insecurity to make you feel not "good enough" you name it. All those problems you think of? They are irrelevant. Every single person on this earth is created differently, and everyone was created for a purpose. Embrace what you're uncomfortable with. Don't worry pleasing anyone but your self. Be comfortable in your own skin, because I can guarantee you are more than good enough.

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How can I be like you?

How can you be like me? Well that's a silly question. Wake up everyday and be thankful you woke up alive and healthy. Look at yourself and happy in the fact that you can walk, talk, have a sense of independence in your everyday life. Smile at little things, and if anyone is going to judge you for being too happy, confident, or excessive, it's because they don't have what you have. And that's is simply being happy.

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