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Have you got 2 account facebook? Your page and your account personal? Because there are many fake and I don't know who is the really Rydel 💕


I just have one Facebook page and it's not a personal one! 😱😘

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What's your favorite city ? Sorry for my english ❤❤😘

Louana R5

I Love Paris and London, but I'd love to go around the world before answer that question haha 😍

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i'm sick,cough and a little cold……so tired😷😔


Get well soon 😷😘

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My face ALL NIGHT while @rikerr5 was hosting the #WorldChoreographyAwards! 😱😱😱 #HesBrushingHisTeeth #KeepinItFresh

Rydel Lynch

Hey guys! I’m doing a holiday themed @BNBuzz Twitter chat on Monday Nov 16th! Send me questions using #BNGiftRec ☃🎄🎁

Rydel Lynch

Have you got kik?

Lucie Parkmanová

No, I don't

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Awesome!!!!! Aha I love your guys song do it again!!!



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Hey delly!!! How r u?


Hey, Fine! wbu?

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